BNG Atmospheric Water Generators

Atmospheric Water Generators Water from Air

BNG Atmospheric Water Generators rely on technologies that include: 2-stage air filtration Condensation chamber in food-grade materials Efficient refrigeration components and heat exchangers Water filtration including sediment, activated carbon and ultrafiltration UV water purification Mineralization Software optimization control Internet of Things


Residential and Offices BNG Atmospheric Water Generators are designed as water dispensers that supply the purest drinking water avoiding plastic waste and storing space, compared with bottled water dispensers. They can be used at homes, hotels, hospitals and offices.

Remote and Industrial Locations

brings an affordable and excellent quality water source when a water network is not available or it has a high cost of connection. The BNG solution is perfect for Oil Rigs, Mining Camps, Construction Sites, and any remote facility. Also for Industrial processes, the water produced is suitable for Agriculture, Food Industry, or Livestock. It is free of biological contamination with excellent physical and chemical properties. generators are also compatible with renewable power sources such as photovoltaic panels.

Emergency Water Supply

BNG Atmospheric Water Generators are a quick deployment water supply in case of emergencies and natural disasters or to be used in civilian or military camps. With a reinforced and easy-to-carry structure designed to overcome any logistical challenge, they supply safe water wherever they are located

Large Scale

BNG Atmospheric water generators are a good option for large needs of high-quality water because of low investment and operating costs for bottling plants, residential water supply, or industrial processes. They offer high performance with minimized energy consumption and have an adapted water treatment for mineral bottled water.

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